Fred Anderson Toyota Raises The Bar In Dealership Success

Posted by Whitney Williams on Jun 13, 2019 10:30:00 AM

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*Updated on 2/8/2021 to include

Since 2019, Fred Anderson Toyota has had Sean Mehaffey take the helm as the new General Manager. Congratulations, Sean!

Despite COVID-19 causing many dealerships to lose sales this year, Fred Anderson Toyota only had a minimal difference in accessory sales year-over-year, we congratulate you for maintaining your accessory sales in a rollercoaster year!

In sunny North Carolina, nestled amongst ancient oak trees, sits one of the fastest growing cities in the United States. Fred Anderson Toyota has its roots in the city of Raleigh, NC and matches the capital's rapid expansion with ease. Raleigh’s famous Toyota dealer is home to Toyota Jeff, a monstrous service department, and a team selling accessories with the same enthusiasm as they sell cars. Sit down on the porch with us and have some sweet tea—this southern dealer’s tale is worth the read.

Fred Anderson Toyota Makes Vehicle Personalization A Priority

With over 400 vehicles driving off the lot monthly, the Fred Anderson team knows the sky is the limit on adding gross profit to this impressive volume. A six-year veteran using the Insignia accessories selling system, the dealership is an expert at adding all weather and cargo mats to the majority of their deals, among other things. It’s not just the profit from adding Vehicle Personalization at the point of sale that carries this store—they keep things in-house providing a true one-stop shop. “We install our own leather and most other accessories right here,” General Manager Andy Little tells us. “Bedliners and window tint, too.”

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Departments work together in an ideal way with sales presenting accessories to every customer and fixed operations requiring a customer registration in every deal jacket. “That process hasn’t changed much in six years,” Little says. The back of the house takes it from there, working their magic on a grandiose scale. The service department is akin to a small university with 24 service advisors and 68 technicians on deck chipping away at the over 7,000 service orders coming through every month.

“We have a dedicated installer for leather, electrical accessories, window tint and bedliners. If it can’t be done immediately before delivery, sales will schedule an appointment to have the work completed at a time that’s convenient for the customer,” Little explains. It’s clear that this dealership utilizes the strengths of both the individual and the department to execute its personalization profit center so well.

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Vehicle Accessory Sales Maximized Their Revenue (And It Keeps Growing)

Our Customer Success Consultant, Khrys Dorton, works continually with Fred Anderson Toyota to keep raising the bar. In 2018, the dealership fulfilled over $450,000 in orders with a profit margin of almost 50%. There’s an untapped opportunity the dealership is ready to capitalize on. 

Though it’s the people in the store that do the work, we wondered how the dealership’s leader felt about Insignia Group as a tool to accomplish their goals. “Insignia Group is very good,” Little says. “It’s the best product currently on the market.”

We think you’re pretty great too, Fred Anderson Toyota!

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