Toyota Salesman Attracting Customers Nationwide

Posted by Whitney Williams on May 7, 2019 12:30:00 PM

Toyota Jeff next to a tacoma

What do Motor Trend channel, Jay Leno’s garage, and Toyota Jeff have in common? They’re all successful YouTubers.
Don’t know Toyota Jeff? Looking him up may change your automotive career and leave you with a few tidbits that sprung this Carolina salesmen’s following to over 21,000 loyal subscribers. We caught up with Jeff to see what’s building his brand and attracting Toyota enthusiasts from all over the country. 

It was the early 1970s in temperate Michigan when Jeff Teague was born. Little Jeff grew in wisdom and stature, graduated as a Western Michigan Bronco, and eventually landed himself in the car business. With quick wit, a slightly dorky sense of humor, and a natural curiosity for life, Jeff set out to build something that would spark joy.

Jeff recalls his new employee orientation at Fred Anderson Toyota of Raleigh back in 2005. “Only one statistic stuck in my head during training --81% of customers will forget who sold them their car a year later. I've been determined ever since then to change that. They WILL remember me!” Jeff knew that building a relationship with his customers only meant better CSI scores and repeat business for him, and he intended to make it happen.

Toyota Jeff back to the future parody

“I started doing funny parody YouTube videos originally, poking fun at The Bachelor, Back to the Future, etc. The goal was to entertain people and help them remember me. Thankfully, I work for a terrific dealership and they encouraged me to build my brand.”

Admittedly, building any kind of following takes time and hard work, which Jeff is no stranger to. Jeff continued to build his brand online while simultaneously working diligently on the sales floor. Jeff became well versed on every detail of every Toyota money can buy, and probably a few that it can’t. That passion spilled over into accessory options from OE to aftermarket to oddball to air freshener.

Jeff’s comical videos evolved over time, blending a perfect balance of light humor and brand knowledge that customers were after. The mixture of entertainment and information was exactly what Toyota consumers were looking for and in 2019, Jeff hit 20,000 subscribers.

Toyota Jeff giving two thumbs up

Within the past few months, Jeff’s started to experience a whole new world as Toyota fans from near and far flock to the Carolinas to work with him. Recently a couple visiting their son at NC State took time out of their vacation just to stop in the dealership and meet Jeff. A few days later, an Alabama man visiting his sister in the area stopped by to say hello. “It’s crazy times here,” Jeff exclaims. “I’m just a regular dude. I can’t even believe all this!”

To really ice this triple layer cake, a young woman in Colorado contacted Jeff when she decided to move to Charlotte. She said she’d been watching his videos for months and there’s no one she’d rather buy a car from! Jeff picked her up at the airport, sold her a new Camry, and sent his friend on her way to her new home, 2.5 hours away.

When asked if he typically goes above and beyond to work with a customer like this, Jeff answers that he really doesn’t mind at all.  “I've probably picked five customers up from the airport to buy their cars and drive them back in the last couple of years,” Jeff says. “Buying a car out of state doesn't have to be complicated -- it's nothing to be intimidated by at all. It's simply logistics. If customers find extra value in working with you, they will buy a car from virtually any distance!”

Toyota Jeff dressed as a superhero

But Toyota Jeff isn’t just leaning on YouTube to bring home the bacon. He shows up every day, ready to do what’s required. On the showroom floor, Jeff uses the Insignia system to personalize at the point of sale, using his own personal tag line: “Make it your own!” Jeff says he thinks that people both want and need to personalize their new ride whether it’s for protection, convenience or simply to add value.

“I show the Insignia website right after customers have agreed to buy their vehicles. It's a great way to fill in wait time before they hit finance.” In fact, Jeff just fully loaded a vehicle for a customer in Indiana, using the Insignia system. “This customer drove their one-way rental car from Indiana to Raleigh to buy a 4Runner TRD Off-Road from me.

Toyota Jeff in front of a vehicle

He had me accessorize his truck before he came down,” Jeff explains. “I just sent him the accessories website link and he ordered. He ended up with heated, red leather Nitto tires, TRD black wheels, and a black badging kit—unreal!”

Though Jeff has everything to be proud of, he’s truly a humble and down to earth guy. The most prestigious honor he’s received to-date is marrying wife Holly, whom he describes as the best person he knows.

Jeff also has two adult children - Zach and Abby, three spoiled cats, two overindulged pups, and 14 koi fish that honestly probably live better than you do. Jeff works hard because he’s got a lot of mouths to feed (the cats eat filet mignon) and we join Fred Anderson Raleigh in congratulating him on his success!

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