DealerOn and Insignia Group Transform the Sales Process

Posted by Insignia Group on Oct 7, 2022 11:49:16 AM




DealerOn and Insignia Group Transform the Sales Process

Sell Accessories Online Through Their Digital Retailer

Rock Hill, SC: Insignia Group announced today a new partnership with DealerOn. Using Insignia Group’s API, DealerOn now offers car shoppers the ability to build and purchase their vehicle—with accessories—through the Apex digital retailing platform.

Auto dealerships have been adjusting to the change in buying patterns over the past few years with the help of digital retailers like DealerOn’s Apex. Many digital retailers focused on the vehicle sales process and missed the connection with the Fixed Ops departments i.e. selling accessories. DealerOn’s partnership with Insignia Group enables dealers to sell accessories with an easy-to-use interface, including labor rates; interactive visuals; and so much more. DealerOn’s Apex is the first digital retailing provider to release this new functionality for most major OE brands.

“We are advancing the state of digital retailing by streamlining the presentation of accessory personalization for OEMs and dealerships through our partnership with DealerOn,” says David Copp Stringer, Insignia Group’s CEO. 

“We are so impressed with DealerOn’s approach to making Vehicle Personalization a stop along the process,” praised Stringer. 

“Now merchandising accessories in the sales process is in the hands of every Fixed Ops director and Parts Manager using Apex,” added Ali Amirrezvani, CEO at DealerOn.

 The benefits of this new partnership include:

  • 3D car and accessory configurators that are natively integrated with the website.
  • Full OE accessory content portfolio.
  • Dealer-specific pricing: including labor rates, custom pricing, and more*.
  • Custom accessory packages* to suggest to shoppers.

About Insignia Group: Insignia Group is a market leader in the automotive accessory sector with visual and informational data creation, maintenance, and distribution. We leverage patented technology to enable vehicle buyers to choose accessory items through visualization for Automotive Tier 1 manufacturers and Tier 3 retailers. We are integrated into the major digital retailing and e-commerce platforms casting a wide syndication network throughout the automotive software ecosystem. Our core Software-as-a-Service supports 21 major OE brands and has national programs through Volkswagen, Stellantis, and Jaguar Land Rover. Learn more at 

About DealerOn: DealerOn is the leader in automotive digital marketing, providing dealerships with platforms scientifically engineered to generate more leads than the competition, to crafting a web presence as personal as each individual dealership. DealerOn has extensive partnerships with the biggest names in the industry from Ford to GM. Learn more at

*Dealers must have Insignia Group’s IG+ platform to include custom labor rates, product bundles/accessory packages, reporting, expert support and other premium features

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