Subaru on an Impressive Uptick in Accessory Revenue Growth

Posted by Insignia Group on Oct 12, 2023 3:08:44 PM


For the past five years, Subaru has maintained steady growth in accessory sales. Impressive in its own right, it’s an even weightier statement if you think of everything that’s happened in that timespan. 

Moving into Q4 of this year, Insignia Group notes more individual Subaru stores breaking the $200,000 revenue mark YTD than any other brand. Some top-performing stores are much higher, currently on track to break upwards of $700,000 in showroom revenue by the end of this year. 

Subaru’s focus on accessory sales as a tool to increase profit for all dealerships has positively impacted dealerships and their customers. Dealers who present and sell accessories at the point of sale generate more satisfied customers, higher CSI scores, lower turnover rates on the sales floor, and higher profits for fixed-ops. 

Most of the OEM’s success this year has come from selling trailer hitches, tow hitch ball mounts, and cross bars. 

Based on the current trajectory for 2023, Subaru stores that use the Insignia Group accessories selling system are projected to see a 12% increase in accessory orders sold over 2022. 

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