Sax Motor Co. Dealership Accessory Sales Success

Posted by Insignia Group on Jan 12, 2022 2:13:32 PM

Sax Motor Co., a Chevrolet Dealer in Dickinson, North Dakota, hit more than $136,000 in accessory sales since they began using the Insignia Group Accessory Sales System, only two months ago. Despite the inventory and chip shortages, Sax Motor Co. has flourished in accessory sales. 

We sat down with the Accessory Specialist, Jim Mackey, and Christian Kostelecky, the Vice President, to hear how they achieved this success. 

Q: What is the typical amount in accessory sales that your dealership does in a month?

[Christian] A: “Before Insignia Group, we were probably making around $30,000 a month. We’re a pretty big fleet business so that’s including our fleet. Now we’re on track for around $70,000 for December alone. We’ve had Jim here for a few months and we think it’s better to have one person dedicated to accessories since the salespeople usually have a lot going on. To have each of the salespeople be as familiar with all of the accessories as Jim is, is a lot to ask.”

Q: Do you have any advice for other dealerships out there who might be struggling with getting employees to “buy in”, by using our system to promote accessory sales?

[Christian] A: “I think it’s just having it there right after the sale…you know just having somebody there. We just have our accessory specialist come up after the salesperson has finished their sale. And just for your info, we implemented the Insignia Group system as well as having our accessory specialist at the same time, and it helps us organize and the customers visualize what they’re buying.”

Q: What are your thoughts on the inventory shortage and what you are seeing on the floor?

[Christian] A: “There’s nothing on the floor! We’re just doing orders as they come, if we know they’re coming then we get accessories preordered. About 90% of our vehicles are presold. So once they’re sold, Jim gives them a call about accessories and gets that process started over the phone even before the vehicle is here. The inventory shortage has led us to approach our sales method differently. If inventory was at its normal level then customers would just go into Jim’s office for an accessory consult, but now we have to think outside the box and call these customers.”

Q: What are three things you think are necessary to see success in your accessory program?

[Jim] A: “I would say firstly the buy-in of all departments. Next would be the chance to get in front of as many customers as possible. Third would be Jim following up with the customer, parts, and installer.”

Q: When inventory gets back to its normal level do you think you’ll keep this sales approach or revert back to what you did before?

[Christian] A: “We would still use the approach that we use now, but there would be more room for one on one with the customers.”

At this rate, Sax Motor Co. is on track to have a record-breaking year of accessory sales with their approach. By adjusting their sales approach during low inventory levels, Sax Motor Co. was able to double their accessory sales in only two months. Through the use of the Insignia Group system and the tenacity of their accessory specialist, Jim Mackey, Sax Motors is set up for success in 2022. Congratulations to Sax Motor Co. on their achievement! 

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