New Guided Client Selling Like A Veteran

Posted by Whitney Williams on May 21, 2019 9:00:00 AM

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Harry Brown’s Family Automotive in Faribault, Minnesota skipped crawling, felt no need to walk, and went directly from rolling over to sprinting as an infant client. This Guided Development customer is the new child prodigy as they make leaps and bounds in record time. Vehicle Personalization Expert, Kurt Daughtery, is the proud father and is already predicting this kid puts himself through college as we all stand in awe of the remarkable progress they’ve made in their first full month using the program.

This family dealership has a humble heritage spanning several decades. First opening their doors in 1968, the dealership started out in a two-room log cabin style building and has since expanded to a three-building campus sprawled across ten acres. Today, Harry Brown’s Family Auto is one of the largest full-service dealers in their state. Their secret? Strong business ethics and even stronger family ties.


In perfect unison, the dealership has embraced the new process of presenting accessories at the point of sale starting with management and trickling all the way down. This quick-witted team soaked in every best practice tip we have to offer like a sponge, and quickly turned their training into reality.

Sales management takes an active role in ensuring every customer is registered and presented accessories at the point of sale, every time. The team understands the power in numbers and literally never misses an opportunity. With a focus on a very smooth transition from the car sale to the accessory sale, to F&I and beyond, the dealership thrives at order processing and internal communication.

All this symmetry and grace unfolds in a welcoming environment rather than a chaotic sales desk. A designated area for accessory presentations awaits each client. With strategically placed displays and digital shopping capability, the presentation area is a nice place to take a load off.

Accessorized vehicles on the showroom floor spark the customer’s interest before the accessory presentation ever begins. Accessories Coordinator, Luke Speckhals, explains “If the customer can see it first hand, they’re more likely to buy it.” 

The critical nature of presenting accessories at the point of sale is echoed by President Mike Brown and Vice Present, Steve Brown. Upper-level management buy-in is, of course,  another best practice that the Minnesota dealer adopted without hesitation. Both Mike and Steve have a thorough understanding of the importance of accessories to their operation and the potential revenue this multi-billion dollar industry can generate.full

Lofty goals for 2019 are in place and the team is excited about working them into fruition. All are in agreement that close follow-ups and continued guided monthly visits from local consultant, Kurt, will be a key to their success as we move from infancy to toddlerhood.

All the heart eyes for Harry Brown Family Automotive. We can’t wait to watch you grow!

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