Morrie’s Subaru: Snowball that can’t be stopped

Posted by Whitney Williams on Jun 6, 2017 1:00:00 PM

Evolution: (noun) The gradual development of something, especially from a simple to a more complex form.

Management at Morrie’s Minnetonka Subaru took the desire to add front end gross in their showroom and set it in motion. Starting with will, direction, and thorough training, the desire developed into a more complex form as a process unique to the store was realized. This Minnesota dealer is one to watch, as its success in accessory sales snowballs.Morrie's Dealership

We talked with management about the birth of this process, and the impressive gains enjoyed over the last twelve months. A common theme emerged: the team is playing together. Comprehensive support for Vehicle Personalization laid a healthy foundation and allowed for continual, methodic growth that hasn’t slowed down.

Morrie’s Subaru launched its personalization program in 2016 and didn’t cut any corners. The program is thorough from the top down. General Manager David Miller emphasizes that the success Morrie’s has enjoyed thus far is due largely in part to the fact that everyone in the dealership understands the importance of accessories.

Imagine the ripple effect this unified approach has on the customer that’s touching every part of your store and getting the same enthusiasm and attention to detail every step of the way. Healthy communication among sales, parts, and service eliminates the breakdown that often deters dealers from offering personalization to begin with. It’s the team approach that got this program off the ground at Morrie’s Subaru and continues to be a major attribute to impressive growth.

Customers are acclimated to personalization from the moment they enter the showroom. The showroom illustrates custom vehicles in every capacity. From simple touches to the grandiose, customers will get a taste of the variety of options at their fingertips. Scott Thomas, new car sales manager, explains, “Every salesperson is using Insignia. We make every effort to make sure it’s being done. Without this step, we miss the opportunity.”Morrie system

GM (David) Miller agrees, “Each and every time.” Sitting with their sales representative, customers enjoy a shopping experience customizing their new vehicles while waiting to go into F&I. The simple practice of offering personalization to every customer has been paramount to Morrie’s ability to gain ground.

As the store began to see growth, an accessories coordinator was brought on board to support Vehicle Personalization. Peter Hillesheim stepped on the scene with a background in retail. While serving as the go-to guy for all accessory related questions, he also moved orders through the after sales process.

Management took heed of his impressive organizational and communication skills, and moved him into another position where his skill set would highlight that operation. For Hillesheim, becoming an accessory coordinator at a growing dealership served as a springboard for other avenues of his career. Morrie’s plans to bring on a new coordinator as his replacement soon, as there’s no slowing down. “We’re making good progress,” Thomas says. “But we always want more-and we can do more.”

Reiterating the unity and consistency that’s driven this Subaru store to success, General Manager Miller  agrees, “I’m not satisfied because we can do better.”

When asked what the next step is, Miller reveals the store is in the process of developing specific packages to make the sales process move more smoothly. “This step will help us get to where we want and need to be,” he explains.

This is one snowball that won’t disappear with the season, and we’re looking forward to watching the next step in the evolution of Morrie’s Subaru.

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