Hyundai of Keene Success Story

Posted by Insignia Group on May 12, 2022 11:43:27 AM

How Management Support and Consistency Raises Revenue

In Keene, New Hampshire, a Hyundai store has seen massive growth in its accessory sales system. How? One word: consistency. In Q1 2022, Hyundai of Keene had a 133% accessory order increase compared to Q1 2021. Once operations director George Thompson started at this dealership, he increased the dealership’s average monthly accessory sales revenue up to $3k by using our system. 

This growth is not from luck, it’s from consistent presentations and encouragement from management. Insignia Group was fortunate enough to interview Hyundai of Keene’s operations director, George Thompson III, to hear about how they achieved this success.

Q: What is the best month of accessory sales your store has had?

A: “Our best month this year, March, we had around $8,500.”

Q: Your dealership has increased submitted orders by 133% and sales per order by 178% from 2021. What do you think helped your dealership achieve this?

A: “Definitely honing in on the process and making sure that every deal that is brought to the desk has had an accessory presentation along with it.”

Q: Do you have any advice for other dealerships out there who might be struggling with getting employees to “buy in” with using our system to promote accessory sales?

A: “Well we had some success with our sales manager taking the sales reps out to the trade vehicles and pointing out the accessories that weren’t factory on those vehicles and saying ‘look these people added these to their car so why do you think they wouldn’t want to do the same thing in-house’.”

Q: What are your thoughts on the inventory shortage and what you are seeing on the floor?

A: “Well obviously we’re concerned, however, we’re doing the best with what we have. At our Hyundai store right now we’re certainly at a bigger disadvantage than we have been in the past; [...] you must sell what you have, focus on the used cars that you have, and do the best with what you got because there’s not much you can do about it at this point—just wait for the cars to come in.

Q: What are three things you think are necessary to see success in your accessory program?

A: “I would say present [accessories] every time [a customer buys a car], understand that customers will buy accessories whether it’s from your dealership or not, and the management team has to manage the process—there has to be a concrete process in place and it has to be followed.”

With the management team on board and sales managers presenting accessories every time, Hyundai of Keene’s middle name might as well be “consistency”. Hyundai of Keene switched to the Everything Program in 2021 and implemented prebuilt accessory packages along with presenting with the system every sale. These prebuilt packages included the most popular items, featured items, and even discounted packages to incentivize car buyers to add accessories to their vehicle purchase. This success story demonstrates how if your dealership uses the tools we provide, along with a little elbow grease, then the system works for you instead of vice versa. 

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