Luther Automotive: Dynamic duo shares vision...and bloodline

Posted by Whitney Williams on Jan 16, 2018 9:00:00 AM

At Minnesota’s Rudy Luther family of dealerships you’ll find a family...really an actual family. Peppered across Luther’s two Toyota stores and a Chrysler store are stepfather, mother, and two sisters - all working in different facets with a common allegiance to the Luther brand.

Amanda Cline

That’s right--Luther Automotive presently employs the entire Cline family; a driven, passionate, [auto] enthusiastic group that any company would be fortunate to have. Toyota salesmen, Mark works alongside his wife and delivery coordinator Jennifer in Brookdale; while daughter Niki sells Chrysler's next door. Sister Amanda is just a skip away in Golden Valley personalizing Toyotas in the showroom.

So how did this dealer group gain loyalty from a family of four? It starts with Luther’s positive work environment and is supported by true opportunity for success.

Amanda Cline began working at Luther’s Golden Valley Toyota store in September as the dealership’s accessory sales consultant. Vehicle Personalization Expert Kurt Daughtery met the newest Cline employee on a training visit, teaching the dealership the ins and outs of their accessory sales system.

“When I went in for our Guided Visit, one of the sales managers told me Amanda’s mother works at Luther Brookdale and I put two and two together,” Kurt says. Amanda’s familiarity with the system and process made her the best kind of student.  rudy luther toyota

“Mom started in the car business five years ago,” Amanda explains. “I’ve always loved cars--I even looked into becoming a mechanic! I saw how well my mom was doing and how much she liked where she worked. I told her I wanted in.”  

Amanda received highly personal on-the-job training by shadowing her mother, Jennifer Cline, at Luther Brookdale. You know Jennifer--she’s a 2016 challenge coin recipient for her critical role in skyrocketing the dealership to success with over a million in sales last year. You read all about her showering Luther’s guests with hospitality while simultaneously adding front-end gross. Pouring hot coffee, giving tours making millions (literally), and now training the next generation.

“They do a fantastic job, and it shows!” Amanda says. After the best on-the-job training money can buy, Jennifer pushed Amanda out of the nest to fly on her own at the Golden Valley location. No matter which store you visit for your next Toyota, you’ll get the “Cline” treatment. Try not to get confused--the mother daughter duo looks just alike too.

Apart from seeing her mother really enjoying where she works, we wanted to know what made Amanda want to follow in her family’s footsteps as an accessories consultant. Simply put, she just wanted to sell a product she truly believes in.

“I get to be an expert on products and services that keep vehicles looking and driving like they’re brand new.  A vehicle is a huge investment--I get to help people protect their investment that they show the world every day!”

Recognizing the successful model her mother uses, Amanda describes how she shows her customer around, familiarizing them with the store and then educating them on their options. “First, if you’re a new customer, I give you a mini tour so you know where service, restroom and snacks are located. We’ll head to my office to go over accessories and make sure your vehicle is set up for your needs.” Sound familiar? Using her master trainer’s method (thanks, Mom) is already proving to be successful. Keep Rudy Luther’s two Toyota stores on your radar in 2018 to see how this friendly family competition plays out.

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