Tripled Sales Leads To Adventure Subaru's Graduation

Posted by Whitney Williams on Jul 24, 2019 4:00:00 PM

Remember Adventure Subaru, Fayetteville, the dealer who tripped over a loose board in the showroom otherwise known as $20,000 in accessory profit? This income came by sheer customer demand and no process.


Once General Manager Tim Hurd got a hold of it, he determined to streamline those lucky findings and double them with a plan.  In 2017,the Arkansas dealer subdued accessory chaos into order and went on to complete the Guided Development program with Vehicle Personalization Expert, Kurt Daughtery. Fast forward to present day,Hurd, along with his staff, continue to reach towards higher goals. 

Service and Parts Director, Clay Ledbetter, informed Kurt that the dealership set clear goals and Insignia had to help the store achieve them. Zero pressure because Kurt lives for it. Not quite two years after the initial challenge, the dealership has tripled their accessory sales. Trip-led. As in times three. 

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Exceeding their 2017 goal was one thing, then ending at more than 20% over their objective for 2018 was another. In 2019, the dealer is on pace for another 20% increase. 

From the very beginning Adventure Subaru embraced Insignia’s ‘Best Practices’ and ran with it. Accessorizing vehicles on the show floor made the transition from vehicle sale to the accessories presentation that much easier.  The team utilizes provided word tracks, along with creating some of their own to make for smoother, more confident conversation.

Sales Management executes individual follow up to ensure accessories presentations are taking place after every vehicle sale, and that customer registrations are also completed. With a dealership registration target of 100% and a current average of 94%,  the team is constantly working towards measurable goals. Sales Management also follows up and has continual training with sales staff on accessories and presentations, keeping everyone fresh and engaged.

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Given their success in so many areas over several consecutive years, Adventure Subaru has graduated!  After this hard work, proven success and a few internal dealership discussions, the store now operates solely off the Insignia system. Kurt continues to monitor progress, send reports, and wait for his invitation to stop by (and maybe a Christmas card). 

Congratulations to Adventure Subaru for all the successes they have achieved and all those yet to come!

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