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The automotive accessory industry has been increasing in sales revenue every year and it now sits at about $46 billion in yearly revenue. As more vehicles are offered to the public and the ability to pick the vehicle that works for their lifestyle increases, so does the demand for accessories.

The average customer today expects more from the dealership than ever before. They want a modern buying experience where they can buy the vehicle online or at the showroom. They want to be able to customize the seating material (cloth or leather), the color of the vehicle, window tint, side steps, trailer hitches and anything else they can finance with the vehicle. Gaining dealership revenue is easier than ever because of what the customers are expecting, so don't disappoint them!

What Our Automotive Dealership Software Offers

The Insignia Group Accessory Sales System provides all the tools needed for selling accessories to your customers through digital retailing and in-store.

  • Interactive, 3D Vehicle and Accessory Configurator
  • Authentic OE & Aftermarket data for accurate pricing, inventory, fitment, and labor pricing
  • Package Builder (groups together your most commonly sold accessories for upselling to customers)
  • Tracks parts inventory and removes the out of stock items to avoid customers being angry about ordering something they may not get for weeks
  • Integration with your digital retailer (our configurator is available in all major digital retailing software and using our system allows you to control the pricing, labor rates, packages offered, and more)
  • Award-winning consultants with dealership business experience to meet with your sales team, parts managers, and more to discuss strategy for your accessory sales. We proudly offer “bot-free” consulting to our customers!
  • E-learning courses for each job title that will use the system. You’ll know exactly how to set it up, change numbers, and answer customer questions about what they see on the screen for their new purchases
  • And more!

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The automotive industry expects dealerships to invest in automotive software to increase their sales. Why not get the low-hanging fruit of accessory sales from your customers and impress them with your modern shopping experiences? Insignia Group revolutionized the automotive accessory sales industry and our competitors can’t keep up! We’re so confident that you won’t find automotive software like ours, that we offer a 6-month guarantee*. You will double your accessory sales in 6 months or we’ll refund all subscription costs. 

View our demo and call to get our software set up in your dealership today.

*Must be on the Everything Plan and meeting with consultants to receive the money-back guarantee.