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Today's average customer has high expectations from the dealership. Consumers want a personalized buying experience with the ability to shop online or in-store.

In 2023 alone, consumers spent over $50 billion on accessories and modifications. Today's customer views their vehicle as a form of self-expression. Your buyer must be able to add side steps, bed liners, window tint, and more with certified OE installation, financing, and warranty.  If not, they'll go to the aftermarket dealer down the street. We make merchandising accessories easy.  Additional revenue with Vehicle Personalization is yours for the taking with our proven system.

What Our Dealership Software Offers

The Insignia Group Accessory Sales System provides all the tools you need to sell accessories online and in-store. 

  • Interactive, 3D Vehicle and Accessory Configurator
  • Authentic OE & Aftermarket data for accurate pricing, inventory, fitment, and labor pricing
  • Package Builder (groups together your most commonly sold accessories for upselling to customers)
  • Manually remove or hide your out-of-stock items to avoid customers ordering items they may not get for weeks
  • Integration with your digital retailer (we're partnered with major digital retailers so you can control the pricing, labor rates, and more of online accessories)
  • Ease of order processing and seamless communication between departments
  • And more!

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The automotive industry expects dealerships to invest in automotive software to increase their sales. Why not take advantage of the low-hanging fruit with accessory sales? Our sleek digital interface with provide your customers with a modern buying experience while boosting your front-end gross. See how our system can work for you today.