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Dealership accessory sales are the worst-kept secret of dealership revenue. Everyone knows that accessories are a $46 billion industry and so many still use methods from 1980 to sell them. The walls with wheels and the dusty brochures with leather samples have got to go! Especially when 30% of people are buying vehicles through digital retailers and aren’t stepping foot into the dealership until they sign papers or pick up their new vehicle. 

Subaru has one of the brands with the most accessories for customers. Pre-loading accessories can only raise your revenue so much since those accessories can be negotiated with the price of the vehicle. Vehicle Personalization matters to your customers, it’s why they are willing to buy kayak cargo holders, new wheels, and hitch kits while speaking with your salesperson. Your dealership accessory sales can double if you have the right auto accessory sales tool in place. 

Insignia Group is the only dealership parts and accessory catalog with a digital car customizer and digital retailer integration. It doesn’t matter if you use CarNow, AutoFi, Roadster, ClickLane, or any other digital retailer—we’ve already partnered with them. Your labor rates, visuals, installation prices, packages, along with everything else can be seen by your online and showroom customers alike. 

What Our Automotive Dealership Software Offers

The Insignia Group Accessory Sales Program provides all the tools needed for selling accessories to your customers through digital retailing and in-store.

  • Interactive, 3D Vehicle and Accessory Configurator a visual model of any vehicle or accessory.
  • Authentic OE and Aftermarket Data for accurate pricing, inventory, fitment, and labor pricing.
  • Package Builder to group together your most commonly sold accessories for upselling to customers.
  • Manually remove or hide your out-of-stock items to avoid customers ordering items they may not get for weeks.
  • Integration with Digital Retailers ensures our configurator is available in all major digital retailing software platforms. And, using our system allows you to control the pricing, labor rates, packages offered—pretty much everything—across the dealership.
  • Award-Winning Consultants with dealership business experience to meet with your sales team, parts managers, GSMs...anyone that can have strategic discussion about your accessory sales. We proudly offer “bot-free” consulting to our customers!
  • E-learning Courses for each person that will use the system. You’ll know exactly how to set it up, change numbers, and answer customer questions about what they see on the screen for their new purchases.
  • And more!

Results Subaru Stores Have with the Insignia Group Auto Accessory Sales Tool

Subaru customers are looking for Vehicle customization that fits their lifestyle. Parents are looking for safety and room for their family, which includes cargo carriers, hitches, all-weather floor mats, and headrest-mounted tablet holders. Young adults are taking their dogs on road trips and need the carriers, roof racks, and dividers to keep their pets safe. There are a variety of multifaceted people out there who love Subaru and expect more from your dealership’s parts and accessories catalogs. The average 2021 Subaru dealership accessory sales data shows:

  • $248k in accessory sales revenue.
  • $594 in sales per order.
  • 53% closing rate.

The chip shortage has increased accessory sales because dealerships are realizing they have to work with what they have on the lot (which isn’t much). It’s time to upgrade your accessory sales system today! 

Demo Insignia Group’s Automotive Accessory Software!

Give your customers what they really want, the ability to customize their vehicles—new and used. Our vehicle configurator makes your salesperson's job 10x easier—they just have to add it to the deal jacket. We can have it set up in 10 minutes and ready to sell to your customers!

See why our Subaru customers are praising vehicle customization and our system, by seeing it in action for yourself!