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Mazda Accessory Automotive Software

Dealership accessory sales have steadily increased since 2008. With $46 billion in yearly revenue coming from the auto accessory industry, no dealership can ignore the impact of selling accessories to every customer! With a closing rate of 53%, there's no reason not to sell accessories at the dealership.

Customers expect to get all their needs taken care of in one place. Automotive digital retailing is the quickest way to generate results and revenue for selling accessories at car dealerships. Selling accessories at a car dealership isn't an easy feat; however, instead of pulling up an outdated dealership accessory catalog, customers have the option for a Mazda accessory sales system which aids the salesperson whether the customer is online or in the showroom with a more convenient approach. The Mazda accessory sales system has everything your customers need; your salespeople earn more commission and your dealership flourishes!

What Our Automotive Dealership Software Offers:

The Insignia Group Accessory Sales System provides all the means necessary for dealership accessory sales for your customers through auto digital retailing and showroom purchases.

  • Interactive, 3D Vehicle and Accessory Configurator.
  • Authentic OE & Aftermarket data; for accurate pricing, inventory, fitment, and labor pricing.
  • Package Builder (groups together your most commonly sold accessories for upselling to customers)
  • Integration with your digital retailer.
  • Award-winning consultants with dealership business experience that can meet with your sales team, parts managers, and more—to discuss strategies for your accessory sales. 
  • E-learning courses for each job title that will use the system. You'll know exactly how to set it up, change numbers, and answer customer questions about what they see on the screen for their new purchases.
  • And more!

Results of the Insignia Group Accessory Auto Dealer Software

If your dealership hasn't put any time or effort into selling accessories to the car buyers, you can't say that people don't want to buy them. You're not even giving them a real chance to buy!

The Mazda accessory sales system works flawlessly with your auto digital retailer. Our system's vehicle configurator can replace those stock photos on the site, they can build the car and the accessories from your site, and all the reporting is included. You can update pricing, labor rates, monitor who is presenting accessories and who is not.

  • The average Mazda dealership made over $200,000 in sales revenue in 2021.
  • The average Mazda order had $400 in sales per order in 2021.

As shown, the Mazda accessory sales system has proven its benefits for dealerships. And, Insignia Group is so confident in these results, we guarantee you'll double your accessory sales, or we'll refund your money.*

Demo Insignia Group's Accessory Automotive Software Today

Selling accessories at a car dealership has never been easier than with the Mazda accessory sales system. Utilize our online dealership accessory catalog to give your customers an abundance of options!

The automotive industry expects dealerships to invest in auto digital retailing to increase sales. So why not get the low-hanging fruit of accessory sales from your customers and impress them with your modern shopping experiences? Insignia Group revolutionized the dealership accessory sales process, and our competitors can't keep up! 

View our demo and get our software set up in your dealership today!

*Must be on the Everything Plan and meeting with consultants to receive the money-back guarantee.