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What you get with AccessorySync™ 

  • *NEW* Digital Retailer Integration: we work with multiple digital retailers so that any customer (online or in-store) can purchase accessories with their new vehicles.
  • Set Retailer Labor Rules: including minimum labor times and labor multipliers, affecting changes catalog-wide or for individual accessories
  • Adapt the Presentation of Pricing: including the choice to display a total price, monthly payment difference, or both, and whether to display accessory pricing to including labor or display labor as an option.
  • Hide Chosen Accessories at the retailer's discretion.


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IG Suite features include:

  • Connect with your current VW accessory builder: submit orders for in-store accessory sales.
  • Push In-Store and Digital Retailing Orders Through Each Department of the retailer: alerting personnel to the action with automatically generated emails.
  • Accessory Builder: bundle your accessory packages with our system as a great lead-in package and easy sale (in-store and digital retailing sales).
  • Create Retailer-Specific Packages of OE accessories.
  • Access an In-Store Accessory Order: to view its progress and the ability to view and log relevant notes including RO#s, parts availability, and installation schedule.
  • View Reports that Show Both Costs and Profit Margins delineated to each department for all in-store sales.
  • A Finance Loan Payment Calculator integrated into the shopping cart that allows a retailer to set a default “house” term and rate of and allows a sales associate to change it to better suit the transaction at hand (in-store orders only).




Price includes AccessorySync™ and premier access to IG Suite for a limited time only*

*Automatic upgrade to $499 for IGSuite after 90 days. Opt-out to remain on AccessorySync™ system only.



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