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How Does the Mopar® Accessory Sales Tool Help Me?

The Mopar Accessory Sales Tool helps the Parts, Service, Sales, and Management of every dealership by providing a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to sell, track, boost revenue, improve interdepartmental communication, and create loyal buyers. The sales team can use the 3D configurator images to sell accessories to customers (with or without being in the same room as them) that will then go through your Service department. The rest of the dealership can use it to send messages about orders to each other and through email so that nothing is ever lost (and the customers are happy!). You will also have access to data about top-selling accessories in your store, and nationally, as well as monitor how much you’ve improved sales revenue since making accessory sales part of your regular sales process.

What Does the Program Do?

In the Showroom:

  • Full catalog of configurable accessories for all Stellantis brands. 
  • Cutting edge 3-D configurators with beautiful renders of all Mopar models.
  • Best practices to ensure proper execution of your accessory program.
  • Ability to execute electronic We-Owes and eliminate the need to use paper ones.

Behind the Scenes:

  • Accessory system updates with the latest make, model, and accessory information.
  • Full e-learning courses for dealership employees, including parts counter staff, dealership front office, and sales.
  • Fully customized labor rates for each accessory that is sold within your dealership.  

On the Books:

    • An average of $684 in accessory sales per order.
    • Detailed sales data for everyone in your dealership.
    • Potential for accessory sales of more than seven figures, annually.

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But What if I Want the E-Store?

That’s fantastic! You should sign up with the E-Store if your store wants an easy way to sell vehicle parts to any person who goes to your website. That being said, the E-Store and Mopar Accessory Sales Tool are completely different programs that work well together or individually. The Mopar Accessory Sales Tool is a showroom tool geared specifically towards accessory sales at the point of vehicle sale. The tool includes a 3D visualizer and a catalog curated specifically to whatever vehicle the customer chooses so that they can see how bigger tires, halo bar lights, roof racks, kayaks, and any other accessory will look on that vehicle. They will also get the installation price and suggested parts for any accessories that might need extra parts for installation. The tool is meant to work in the showroom, increase vehicle sales revenue, bring more business to the Service department, and increase CSI through happy customers with personalized vehicles.