Insignia Announces The Opening Of A Second Location

Posted by Whitney Williams on Sep 6, 2019 11:45:00 AM

Many moons and almost two decades ago, a twenty-something David Stringer opened Insignia Group with a grand vision, a flip phone, a pager and dial-up Internet—ready to soup up Pontiac Grand Prix’s. Fast forward to the age of Alexa, augmented reality and Teslas, you’ll find Insignia operating on cutting edge digital platforms, boasting a nationwide presence and opening up a second location. Introducing, “Insignia West.” 

Insignia west team

Insignia has opened a second location that will serve as a sales office for our expanding team. Gone are the earlier days of a dozen employees as the staff has tripled over the years to fit our growing customer base. Branching into Phoenix, AZ, the ideal place to build a sales organization, gives this South Carolina born and bred company a presence in the West. Being a company with a national scope, leadership found it important to touch down on both coasts.

insignia west working

Vice President of Sales, Patrick Blackburn, is overseeing operations at this new office with enthusiasm for the future. “The development of our inside sales team is our main focus right now, but there are many other opportunities we will start to explore,” Blackburn says. 

The opening of this new location is huge for the company. Engaging manufacturers and dealer groups large and small, we’re making sure no one misses the opportunity to tap into the inexhaustible profit potential of the accessory industry. 

insignia west ping pong 2

Insignia West is home to a small inside sales team, and Patrick predicts growth. “With success comes expansion,” he explains. “We absolutely expect to hire more salespeople and continue to grow our business. We feel confident with the team, and we will continue to revisit our staffing needs as we grow.”

Now able to service more stores than ever, expectations are high. “We are able to reach out to every dealership in the country and provide our accessory-selling, CSI increasing, and margin compression reducing software to stores we haven't had the staff to be able to reach in the past,” Patrick says with stars in his eyes. 

With this ribbon cutting, Stringer, Blackburn and the rest of the family can’t help but look expectantly at years to come. Who knows what the future might hold? A third office in Nebraska? Honestly, no. Too cold. insignia west office

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