Insignia Announces Marketing Partnership with CIMA Systems

Posted by Mike Pitkowicz on Jul 21, 2009 8:41:00 AM
Rock Hill, SC — July 15, 2009 — Insignia Group, the leading provider of accessories sales and management innovations, announced today a new marketing partnership with CIMA Systems which will provide favorable pricing of CIMA products and services to Insignia affiliate dealerships.

CIMA Systems is the leading provider of multi-channel marketing communications technologies to the automobile industry. Under this new partnership, Insignia will offer their dealership customers the opportunity to proactively promote their parts and accessories through CIMA’s advanced patent-pending marketing communication tools which is integrated with the Insignia Accessories Sales System. The new offering brings Insignia dealerships unlimited marketing communications capabilities (e.g.. new vehicle/service promotions, service appointment reminders, seasonal events/promotions, automated appointment system via web & phone, etc.) and provides a complete dealership virtual business development center for dealerships.

“We have partnered with CIMA Systems for the past two years and have seen that dealers who combine the Insignia Accessories Sales System with CIMA’s advanced proactive marketing campaign solution have seen a significant increase in customers returning to their dealership for sales, service, and parts & accessories business,” said David Stringer, president of Insignia Group. “The special CIMA pricing our partnership brings dealerships delivers tremendous marketing value to our customers for a small fraction of what most others dealerships are paying to promote their services today”.

The partnership further streamlines the Insignia sales process by allowing dealerships to proactively promote their products and specials. As an example, CIMA will automatically send a custom email from the dealership’s parts department to a new vehicle customer congratulating them on their purchase. The customer will also receive a promotion (i.e.10% off any accessory purchased within 30 days) to thank them for their business. By simply clicking a link that is contained in the email, the customer will be taken directly to the dealership’s Insignia Accessories System, allowing them to easily shop for accessories and personalize their vehicle. Purchases can be made on-line, and the CIMA System will automatically notify the customer when the accessories arrive for installation.  The customer can then schedule the accessory installation using CIMA’s AutoAppointment system.  As an added convenience, CIMA automatically reminds the customer of the appointment, allowing them to confirm or reschedule as needed.

“We at CIMA are very excited to expand our relationship with Insignia,” states Gary Nixon President and CEO of CIMA Systems. “The combination of CIMA and Insignia makes it extremely easy for dealership customers to do business with them by automating the entire marketing and purchase process. In today’s economic times, dealers need these tools to drive more business in the most cost effective way”.

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Insignia, the premier provider of accessories sales innovations, has been helping dealers to maximize dealerships’ profits through OEM and aftermarket accessories sales for over 7 years, facilitating over $200,000,000 in accessories sales.  Insignia currently supports 20 brands and serves 1700 dealerships nationwide. From accurate data to useful sales tools, services, and training, Insignia simplifies the accessories sales process so orders can be fulfilled quickly and easily.  For more information, visit

About CIMA Systems

CIMA Systems provides interactive automated marketing and customer service solutions to the automotive market. Its comprehensive software solutions enable dealers and automotive service businesses to communicate with prospects and clients throughout the client lifecycle. CIMA System’s automated, real-time, communications-management solutions provide immediate 24/7 customer feedback to front- and back-end marketing campaigns, resulting in higher sales, increased client interaction and lower overhead. For more information, visit