The Secret to Customer Retention in Dealerships

Posted by Insignia Group on May 12, 2021 5:03:59 PM

Make no mistake: customer retention is a full-time job. The process of cultivating and maintaining loyal customers should be emphasized as highly as the sales process itself. There are many opportunities, between introduction and post-sale, to build a lasting relationship with a customer. So many of those opportunities involve Vehicle Personalization. From building rapport as you start at the trade, or inviting customers to relax between F&I, as well as offering a tune-up service six months later—accessories are integrated in all of it. This makes personalization the key to customer retention. 

What You'll Learn

  • What customers expect when buying from a dealership
  • How accessories bring in referrals and customers before that 6 month oil change offer
  • How to connect and organically pitch accessories to your customer


About Insignia Group

The accessory sales industry is a $46 billion industry that dealerships only get 10% of the market share. Insignia Group is helping dealerships break through that percentage and increase their sales revenue one vehicle at a time. Over 1500 dealerships have partnered with us and discovered the easier and more lucrative way to:

  • retain employees
  • increase yearly revenue by at least $250,000
  • make each vehicle sale more valuable by at least $645 per accessory ordered
  • make customers feel heard and leave great reviews for that vehicle they didn't know they could add leather seats to (or the door edge guards that make their vehicle a more valuable trade-in for their next purchase in 5-10 years)