Insignia Group helps dealerships all over the North American continent to improve interdepartmental communication, create lifetime customers, improve your digital retailing abilities as a dealership, and increase vehicle sales revenue.

  • IG Suite
  • $499/per month
  • $699/month-to-month
  • Digital retailing integration and management
  • Offers photorealistic 3D Configurators for all car brands with models out over the last 10 years, updated with each new vehicle release
  • Retail “packages” (such as a Protection Package, Hitch Package) consisting of OE and/or Aftermarket accessories 
  • Allowance of adding non-competing or non-warranty voiding, additional products, such as warranty packages, hood bra, radar detector
  • In-depth individual/small group system training for each department, with eLearning courses as well
  • Fixed Operations orientation webinar
  • Quick responses from customer success consultants
  • Accessory sales data to show growth opportunities
  • Digital We-Owes
  • Monthly consultation with dealership’s Senior Management to offer strategies for employee "buy-in", increasing sales revenue, and more
  • Shopping carts for accessories and add-ons, with automated communication between Parts, Services, and Sales
  • $699 Set-Up Fee**
  • Get Started

*Paying the annual amount up-front gets an additional 5% off the total price

**Ask for more details