Since the beginning of Insignia Group, our customers have raved about our system. Here's one of our first reviews and one from 2020. 

"Insignia Group helps our sales team get accurate pricing without having to go to the parts and service departments. It saves a lot of time and helps the sales staff feel confident in their pitch." - Andrew Huzvar, General Sales Manager, Haasz Automall

"Insignia Group definitely helps! It provides a stable platform for all to view options and pricing. It’s a great tool to set up a customer to look through before going to finance. Most people are going to add to their car something in the first few months. This is a great tool for sales to show top 10 items or even just help to remember what’s all available on specific models! I love that customers are able to shop from home on their own time, too.  It helps customers be more excited about the car purchase and the options they have to personalize it for themselves! Any changes have been easily handled by the support team. Thanks for all you do for our store!!! We are now using all salesman to present, which stops bottlenecks of only seeing 30% of customer base by one sales person. THEY ALL CAN SELL!" - Tony Thompson, Parts Manager, Rudy Luther Toyota