Create "Direct to Dealer" Relationships

Selling dealerships on “why” their customers must have your product is tough!

Direct2Dealer is a powerful dealership marketing program partnered with product interest reports from the dealerships you service. Compare these reports to your sales…do they match? Leverage this knowledge to increase orders and to structure your sales calls.

Powerful metrics reporting:

  • Who is presenting your products vs selling.
  • What products are being sold and total quantity.
  • How many times a product is viewed.
  • Increase marketing exposure through distribution.


  • Streamlined access to distributor product offerings.
  • Standardized manufacturer product data.
  • Display pricing, installation and application to dealerships.
  • Order processing and tracking.
  • Product marketing opportunities.
home-placeholderInsignia's accessories sales system is used by thousands of dealership personnel!

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