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With more dealerships turning to modern technology to better their CSI scores, retain more customers, and increase revenue streams, now is a great time to upgrade your Mopar Accessory Sales Tool with Insignia Group!

By upgrading to the Everything plan, you’ll gain:

  • Part Package Builder: bundle your accessory packages with our system as a great lead-in package and easy sale.
  • *NEW* Digital Retailer Integration: we work with multiple digital retailers so that any customer (through digital retailing or in-store) can purchase accessories.
  • Consistent Sales Increases: due to the monthly strategy meetings with our award-winning consultants.
  • Revenue Increase: dealerships on Everything plans make 326% more than those on self-guided.
  • Sell Pre-Owned: present used vehicles outside of your OE brand with accessories to increase sales revenue.
  • And more!

You might think that spending more on an accessory program while inventory is limited is a bad financial decision. However, our dealerships on the Everything program have repeatedly shown that they can sell accessories with only 8 units on the lot. Some examples of our customers continuing to maximize revenue with limited vehicles:

  • A Utah CDJR store sold over $120k in auto accessory sales in August '21 with 18 vehicles on the lot.
  • In two weeks, an Iowa CDJR store sold more than $25k in auto accessory sales in September '21 after Insignia Group trained their Accessories Manager.
  • A Minnesota CDJR store sold $109k in dealership accessory sales in August '21.

Inventory is not an issue when selling accessories. And with an award-winning consultant, we can strategize for your particular store to maximize your accessory sales revenue every month.


$499/month ($200 more than your current payment)


If you have questions about how this currently affects your agreement or how the upgraded system works, please call 888-579-4458.