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The Insignia Group Accessory Sales System is an unrivaled accessory sales platform that empowers a Yamaha Motor Canada dealership to present every available accessory for your customers' unique riding needs during the purchase of their product. Beginning with the full offering of genuine Yamaha Accessories for their Motorsport, Snowmobile, and Marine product lines, the tool is easy to set up and utilize immediately. This sales tool will enable your dealership to provide customers with real time, comprehensive quotes that will help you build value and usability into the customers chosen product.

What Does the Program Do?

This exciting new tool provides photos, descriptions, and pricing for all the accessories available for your customer's Yamaha product.

Picture catalog automatically updated with authentic OE information for pricing, labor, and accessories.

  • Makes accessory shopping for the customer easy.
  • Takes the pressure off salespeople to know all the accessories meant for their Yamaha.
  • Increases sales revenue due to easy and intuitive accessory catalog access.
  • Provide a more comprehensive price for customers with fewer surprises.

The Insignia Group Accessory Sales System is a great tool for any Yamaha Motor Canada dealership to use when selling Yamaha products to customers. The common response we hear from recreation vehicle buyers is that they would buy more accessories from dealerships if they knew all that the dealership offered!


$140 USD/month with an initial commitment of 12 months or $1,500 annually (save 10%).


Expires 6/30/24

This will be automatically renewed on the anniversary of your original sign-up.  This may be eligible for co-op with Yamaha Motor Canada. See your regional contact for details. 

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