How Accessories Save Dealership Customer Retention

Posted by Whitney Williams on Sep 27, 2021 12:54:10 PM

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Over half of customers (approximately 62%) stop doing business with a company because of bad customer service.

Customer retention is hugely important in the dealership world. Customer service has to be something they want to write home about. Make no mistake, the “writing home” (review) is happening. Almost half of the internet users, worldwide, post reviews about their interactions with a company or service. The millennial and Gen-Z generations have the lowest retention rate in the automotive industry (55.4%) and write the most online reviews. Customer service, customer retention, and online reviews are three peas in a pod, in 2021. If delivering stellar customer service is a means to those ends, only one question remains: how can dealers improve customer service? 

The answer to improving customer service is painstakingly simple: sell accessories at the point of sale. Accessories give your customer the vehicle they want on the budget they need. An excellent product creates a long-term satisfied customer, and it's within your power to deliver it.

Accessories Increase Service Customer Retention

In today's automotive climate, customers won't always be able to get the vehicle they're hoping for. However, that doesn't mean you have to lose that customer to another store or have your customer leave disappointed. Accessories are the ideal way to help the customer and salesperson connect. When a salesperson is thinking of accessories, they'll ask good questions about the customer's lifestyle to make suitable recommendations. The customer will feel heard, and the sales process becomes more personalized—while putting the customer at ease. The available vehicles on your lot can be transformed into something that meets your customer's needs, and introduce them to upgrades they'll love. When this is accomplished, you're well on your way to boosting CSI scores, a better chance for a referral, and an increased potential to retain that customer

Retention Through Accessories is Cross-Departmental

Accessories get customers into the service bay faster, giving your store another opportunity to impress. Retention goes up when your customer comes out of a positive car buying experience and lands in a clean, pleasant service bay. Set yourself up for success by creating a comfortable and well-maintained waiting area for your service customers, then train every staff member in your desired customer service experience! Your customer will soon realize the benefit of having their vehicle serviced at the dealership rather than the local mechanic shop with fold-out chairs and no air conditioning. 

Statistics show that used car buyers are more likely to return to the dealership than new car buyers are. Though this should be compelling, many used car buyers are accustomed to getting the short end of the stick. End the stigma of salespeople becoming disinterested when the customer mentions buying used. Give used car buyers the time and attention they deserve! Accessories will upgrade used cars; which in turn, brings them up to speed in technology, comfort, and appearance—creating satisfied buyers. Those accessories will land your customer in the service bay, giving them good regard for your store. Those warm feelings translate into positive reviews and repeat business, all because of excellent service and offering accessories. 

Sell Auto Accessories, Retain Customers with Insignia Group

You might be wondering how you present accessories to the used car buyers who are looking at a brand of vehicle different from your OE’s. The answer is simple, have an accessory system that shows accessories for all makes and models, and ditch your 2019 binder with pictures. The sales team won’t have to memorize anything because it will be all in the device they hand to the used car buyer after they’ve picked out the vehicle they want to buy.

Insignia Group is the leading provider of digital accessory selling platforms, in the showroom and through digital retailing. Our system makes it easier than ever to sell accessories at the point of sale, making you more profitable than ever. With an intuitive design, the platform is incredibly easy for customers to maneuver and a seamless addition to the car buying process. Contact us today to get started with one of our expert consultants and develop a custom plan for getting profitable in the accessory game.

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