As your store modernizes to find new customers and ensure financial stability, it can feel like there are a lot of options out there—some with many similarities. 

The Types of Automotive Software

  • Financial
  • E-Commerce
  • Customer Relationship Management System
  • Dealership Management System
  • Accessory Sales System (This Is Us)
  • Website Management Companies
  • Inventory Management
  • And More!

How Our Software is Different

The Insignia Group Accessory Sales System is great for digital retailing and as a showroom tool. Many other automotive softwares are great for digital retailing or selling parts and accessories to the customers who won’t be visiting your dealership. There are also softwares out there like auto parts e-commerce programs; although they do not help with customer retention or increasing service or sales revenue. And, since they’re competing against giants like Amazon—the lowest price wins. Auto parts e-commerce programs are good to have, as long as you understand the purpose it serves. The automotive e-commerce platforms ignore the customers who are at the dealership to buy their vehicles, and are more for ordering the lugnuts or minor parts a customer can take care of on their own.

To keep dealership revenue increased through accessory sales and help connect your dealership’s fixed and variable operations, our software has:

  • Configurators displaying accurate make, model, color, and accessory renderings; allowing car buyers to see their specific car in front of them precisely the way they want it.
  • Accurate data syndication and management for digital retailer software and the showroom tool. We are the only accessory sales system that works with digital retailers so that the pricing, inventory, labor rates, installation prices, and more are the same for online car-buyers and those in the showroom.
  • The builder feature is a tool customers can use to look at accessories, categorized by different areas of the car, and through an All Accessories tab option as well.
  • New for 2021, Insignia Group has photo-realistic configurator images that will make configurable car 3D models appear more attractive and realistic.
  • Customers can browse on a tablet, kiosk, phone, or computer to interact with accessories, and visualize what the end product will look like. 
  • Quick and informative e-learning courses.
  • Full dealership customer support from a dedicated customer success team.
  • Technical support on configurator models.
  • Monthly meetings with award-winning business consultants to improve your accessory sales program and issues between the front and back of the house.

What Are Your End Goals With Dealership Software?

Our software doesn’t replace automotive e-commerce tools, it enhances your ability to sell accessories to any customer, whether they're on the showroom floor or online. With a 3D visualizer and a catalog curated specifically to whatever vehicle the customer chooses, customers can see how bigger tires, halo bar lights, roof racks, kayaks, and any other accessory will look on that vehicle. They’ll also get the installation price and a list of suggested parts for any accessories that might need extra items for installation. The tool is meant to work in the showroom, increase vehicle sales revenue, bring more business to the Service department, and increase CSI scores—through happy customers with personalized vehicles.

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