Boot Camp Training

The 90-Day Boot Camp program will train existing personnel and establish a process that will accelerate results and increase vehicle personalization revenue within 90 days. This program includes Insignia's Accessories Selling System.

In-Dealership Training for $2,599 plus $399 per month

This training is for your dealership if:

  • You have identified an Accessories Manager (Champion).
  • All departments are committed to offering vehicle personalization.
  • Management has discussed or established a compensation plan.
  • The team acknowledged that there is room for growth.
  • Goals have been discussed for sales, service and parts.

Our process addresses your
BIGGEST dealership challenges!

Ask how our process will:

  1. Improve CSI
  2. Reduce Sales Staff Turnover
  3. Increase Service Conversions
  4. Create F&I Sales Opportunities
  5. Replace Low Margins

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